Inside Bridge Payments, there are different segments that help you navigate, process, and manage your transactions, invoices, billings, and team members.

In the Account segment, there is a customizable dashboard that shows you the performance of your Bridge account such as sales, revenue, balance, etc.

Here, you are able to create and manage charts by your wish so you can follow your business performance in the best possible way and as it fits you.

Filter option

You can filter data in order to track your performance by specific parameters creating the custom parameters for the time period by your choice.

By default, you’re getting a view filter for the last year’s period, and in case you want to create a custom filter click on FILTER.

After that, click Add filter, choose the parameters that you wanna do a filter for, and then click Apply.

Add Chart option

In order to add a new chart, click Add Chart, and then choose the category you want to add to your Dashboard.

By using these two options it will be easy to track your business performance, sales, and to see graphically how your business is performing.

In case you have any questions related to your Bridge merchant account, feel free to contact us, we'd gladly help.

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