Inside Bridge Payments, there are different segments that help you navigate, process, and manage your transactions, invoices, billings, and team members.

In the Billing segment, there are templates of your invoices and billings that you can send to your customers or clients depending on the product or the service you sell.

You can also create new templates for your invoices and billings, just click New template.

You'll be redirected to the page where you need to choose whether you want to create a one-time invoice or recurring billing.

Depending on the invoice type you need, fill the necessary fields and it's ready to be sent.

By using these two options it will be easy for you to create one-time invoices and recurring billings, you won't need any third-party tool for doing this, and guess what - It's completely FREE.

In case you have any questions related to your Bridge merchant account, feel free to contact us, we'd gladly help.

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